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nick james

Nick lives with his wife Ania and their twin daughters under their combined alter ego – The Travelling Twins

In 2018, Nick made a career change from being a senior manager in the design and procurement of construction projects to concentrate on his lifetime love of illustration.

He lists his interests beyond illustration and family as food, travel, music, film, recreational maths, science/philosophy, and visual art.  He loves all kinds of beautiful things, both abstract and physical, natural and manufactured.


“Good illustration portrays characters with consistency and reflects the progress of their emotions in each situation.  Beyond this, it adds value, complementing the story with fresh vision.” – Nick James

His father passed on a deep love of illustrated books even before the infant Nick could follow a story.  Young Nick especially loved the portrayal of Professor Branestawm by W. Heath Robinson and Kipling’s drawings for the Just So Stories – both of these bring a special depth to the stories they illustrate.

Nick’s currently living idols are Skottie Young and of course Quentin Blake. He has more dead idols than can be listed here.

Almost all the work on this site is done in Procreate on an iPad Pro, some of the work from life is done on paper, mostly with 4B pencils.


As with all Nick’s creative work, the trajectory of this website project was a spiral zigzag sawtooth rollercoaster kind of trip, and an enormous learning curve.

After time-consuming and largely dead-end efforts in the employment of experts and personal training in code and Dreamweaver, Nick re-wrote this website from scratch in WordPress using Elementor Pro on the OceanWP theme

He owes a debt of gratitude to Tyler Moore who unknowingly held his hand for the first steps out of the mire, and to Ania for her long-suffering patience.

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