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Nick posts regularly on Instagram.


Contact Nick by email
by Whatsapp on +48 508 857 109
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If you prefer to commission work through the agency of the Fiverr site, you can find Nick here.

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nick james

Nick lives with his wife Ania and their twin daughters under their combined alter ego – The Travelling Twins

In 2018, Nick left the construction industry to concentrate on his lifetime love of illustration.

He lists his interests beyond illustration and family as food, travel, music, film, recreational maths, science/philosophy, and visual art.  He loves all kinds of beautiful things, both abstract and physical, natural and manufactured.


Nick’s father passed on a deep love of illustrated books even before the infant boy could follow a story.  Young Nick especially loved W Heath Robinson’s drawings for Professor Branestawm  and Kipling’s illustrations for his own Just So Stories. Both of these add new depths to the stories they illustrate.

Nick’s idols are Skottie Young and of course Quentin Blake.  Again because they add so much to the stories they are illustrating.

Almost all the work on this site is done in Procreate on an iPad Pro.  Some of the work from life is done on paper, mostly with 2B-4B pencils.


As with all Nick’s creative work, the trajectory of this website project was a spiral zigzag sawtooth rollercoaster kind of trip, and an enormous learning curve.

After several dead-end attempts, Nick re-wrote this website from scratch in WordPress using Elementor Pro on the Elementor Hello theme.

This website is typeset in Port Lligat Sans and Mountains of Christmas both from Google Fonts

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